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Some wineries understand how to use CRM to win customer loyalty, but sadly, some don’t

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Hang around the tech sector long enough and you’ll eventually hear someone talking about CRM – customer relationship management. It’s a big deal – as in a nearly-$10-billion-annual-industry big deal.

Tech companies are fanatical about CRM and wineries could learn a lot from that fanaticism. Case in point: My recent experience with Winery A and Winery B.

I’m on Winery A’s mailing list. They contacted me well in advance of shipping my annual order and then kept me informed with some stock emails as the shipping date drew closer, including a more personal email on the day that it shipped.

It arrived several days later and that same afternoon, I received an email from the sales manager saying that the wine had been shipped that week and my CC had been charged. I dashed off a note of thanks and quickly received a personal response thanking me again for my order and saying that they look forward to seeing me on my next visit.

Classic CRM – prompt, personal and engaging. My takeaway? ‘They care about me.’ That translates into loyalty. I’m going to be a customer for a long time.

Winery B recently had a very compelling offer on some nice everyday wine. I’m not on their mailing list, but it was a terrific opportunity to put some of their juice in my cellar. So I went in for a case. Their sales team engaged me by email when I made the order and the case arrived a few days later. But that’s when they dropped the ball.

Winery B had me right where they wanted me, yet failed to convert a layup. My takeaway? All they wanted was my check.

No contact to ensure that my order had arrived. No email asking if I was pleased with the wine or the service. And no attempt to engage me to be a repeat customer. Winery B had me right where they wanted me, yet failed to convert a layup. My takeaway? All they wanted was my check.

CRM isn’t easy. It takes commitment, energy and time. But in a tough competitive marketplace loaded with excellent product, wineries can’t afford not to be doing it.

Want to learn more about customer relationship management? Take an hour and listen to Shep Hyken’s webinar on the Cult of the Customer. He offers a list of 10 strategies to build an amazing customer experience. Winery B, are you listening?