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Quick sips: Instagram + analytics, the perception gap & tips for the future of marketing

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Signposts on the information superhighway that caught my attention as I went speeding past:

Make Instagram a productive business tool with analytics

Lots of Washington winemakers use Instagram to help tell their story on their social media channels. (That’s right, Trey Busch and Ross Mickel – I’m lookin’ at you!)

And why not? Instagram is fun, easy to use and turns mundane photos of vineyards and grapes into mini-works of art. More importantly, it’s social and increases engagement between a brand and its customers. I’ve written about this in the past and likely will do so in the future, given the potential impact of Instagram on wine marketing.

But Instagram becomes much more than a fun time-waster when you add analytics, says Marti Trewe of AGBeat. By tracking and analyzing data such as best filters and photo tags, best time and day to post and which shots receive the most comment, you can build connections and reinforce engagement. She recommends two free analytics tools – Simply Measured and Statigram.

Trewe’s conclusion: Taking the extra step to know your audience, who they are, and what they like, can make Instagram more of a productive business tool rather than just a fun, shiny toy.

Do Social Marketers Really Know What Social Consumers Want?

Some eye-opening data and conclusions about the perception gap between marketers using social media (i.e., wineries) and social consumers (i.e., wine consumers using social media to influence buying decisions). Consider: 76 percent of marketers feel they know what their consumers want from social media, but only 34 percent have asked their consumers what they want.

Quoting from the article by the team at PointBurst:

“When asked, Social Consumers stated that what they desired out of  social engagement was access to special deals, special content, and rewards based on their willingness to engage with brands in social channels.

“When Social Marketers were asked the same question, they indicated customer service as the benefit they felt Social Consumers wanted most. However, customer service ranked last amongst the benefits that Social Consumers expected from brands. Not exactly a meeting of the minds.”

The lesson to be learned here is to ask. Get to know what it is that your customers want from you, for it may be something other than what you believe they want.

Their conclusions offer some great advice for wineries using social media.

“The lesson to be learned here is to ask. Get to know what it is that your customers want from you, for it may be something other than what you believe they want. And don’t assume that the answer will always be the same, keep talking, keep asking, for desires and needs sometimes change, and the best way for Social Marketers to meet the changing desires of their Social Customers, is by knowing what they are.”

The reference article, prepared for the upcoming Pivot Conference in NYC, also has a link to the complete findings of their research. Download it for free if you need some late-night reading.

33 Stats that Paint a Picture of the Future of Marketing

This one from the HubSpot Blog is so loaded of interesting tidbits that I’m not going to try to summarize it. But there’s plenty of ideas and suggestions that, with a little thought, could be incorporated into a winery’s marketing and social media marketing activities. It’s definitely worth a quick scan.

Hat tip to The Rudder Group for flagging these last two articles. Much obliged!